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Blog Prompt 1

Think about the idea of “making trouble for gender” as discussed in class and in your readings. Describe an example from contemporary pop culture that you think illustrates the idea of gender trouble. Do you think the person(s) involved intended to cause gender trouble, or was it unintentional? After describing the example, think about how other people reacted to this event at the time. What were the consequences (positive or negative) for the person(s) who caused the “trouble”? Do you think the act was effective at causing trouble for gender? Do you think individuals have the power to truly make trouble for gender?

Please post your response as a new comment on this post. In order to receive credit for this assignment, you must post by 8pm on Sunday, February 5th. You must also indicate who you are in your post (initials or a pseudonym are fine, as long as I can identify you to give you credit).

You are also encouraged to reply to other students’ comments if you find them enjoyable or thought-provoking.


Queer “word cloud”

On the first day of class, we generated a “word cloud” of many (many) terms that we see as being associated with the word “queer.” Maybe on the last day we’ll revisit these photos and see what we need to add!


Journal Prompt 1

For your Journal assignment, you can respond to any of the below sets of questions. You only need to choose ONE (1, 2, OR 3). In order to receive credit, you must submit your response by 8pm on Sunday, January 29th.

1. Choose a reading assigned so far and answer the following questions:

  • What did you like about this reading?
  • What did you find particularly relevant about this reading?
  • What did you find particularly difficult about this reading?
  • Do you have questions after completing this reading? What are they?

2. Choose an example from popular culture you have seen recently and answer the following questions:

  • How did you see this example as relating to concepts of queerness?
  • Do you think this example would be good to show someone else to explain the concept of queerness?
  • How would you use it to explain queerness to someone who hasn’t taken a class about it?

3. Describe a personal encounter you’ve had outside of this class that you saw as relevant to the material from this course. How do you see them as related?

Only I will be able to read what you submit in this form. It will *not* be published on this website.