Monthly Archives: March 2012

Blog Prompt 3

Take a “field trip” into queer public space (you can interpret this however you want – talk to me if you ┬áneed ideas – you may write about The Out Hotel if you wish). You may want to visit a site that is important to queer collective memory (like the places mentioned in the readings for this week). You might instead want to visit a less well-known space (e.g. a gay bar in your hometown). What objects and behaviors do you observe in the space? Who is visible in the space? What is your own personal experience of moving through the space? How does what is happening in that space trouble normative categories of gender, sexuality, etc.?

Please post your response as a new comment here. In order to receive credit for this assignment, you must post by 8pm on Sunday, April 8th. You must also indicate who you are in your post (initials or a pseudonym are fine, as long as I can identify you to give you credit).

You are also encouraged to reply to other students’ comments if you find them enjoyable or thought-provoking.

Journal Prompt 4: Collective Book Review

Your “journal” assignment this week is to submit amendments and additions to the collective book review we began in class on Wednesday (March 21st). I will post the review as a wiki, which you will all be able to edit. You should make your edits by 8pm on Sunday, March 25th. Once everyone has made their edits, I will streamline the review and post it to our class website. Hopefully this review will serve as a resource both for ourselves and for other at-large readers who are interested in Queer Youth Cultures.

(This assignment inspired by the HASTAC Scholars’ crowdsourced book review of Nakamura & Chow-White’s Race After the Internet.)