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Blog Prompt 4

Reflect back on the idea of “making trouble” – think back to your initial blog post on making trouble; having gone through this course, have your thoughts changed about the example you described there? What insights would you add if you were writing that post today? If one of our authors were to read your blog post, how do you imagine they would respond? (You can choose a specific author/reading to speculate about here.)

Please post your response as a new comment here. In order to receive credit for this assignment, you must post by 8pm on Sunday, May 6th. You must also indicate who you are in your post (initials or a pseudonym are fine, as long as I can identify you to give you credit).

You are also encouraged to reply to other students’ comments if you find them enjoyable or thought-provoking.


Journal Prompt 5

For this Journal, you will be submitting a proposal for your second paper/project. In order to receive credit, you must submit your response by Sunday, April 15th.

This proposal is a *required* component of your second paper/project. If you do not submit one, you will receive a zero for your second paper/project grade. That means it is better late than never, even if you don’t receive credit for the journal entry.

Queers Read This: I Hate Straights

This is the text of a pamphlet distributed at the 1990 New York Gay Pride march.

Think about how this relates to the ideas we’ve encountered in this week’s readings on Queer Publics. We’ll discuss in class (feel free to comment here as well).