Optional Final Journal

This is an optional final journal post. It is not required. If you choose to submit it (and write a substantive, thoughtful response to the given question) you will receive 1% extra credit toward your final course grade. You can also do this one just for fun, even if you don’t need the extra credit! You must submit it by 8pm on Wednesday, May 9th in order to receive the extra credit.

You can answer one or more of the below questions:

a) In reflecting back on this course, which reading, clip, or discussion(s) did you find most productive for your thinking about queerness and popular culture? Explain.

b) Which student project (other than your own) did you find most compelling? Why? How do you see it as relating to what you have learned in this course?

b) Do you see anything you learned in the course as being useful in your future (either personal or professional)? Explain.

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