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Final Exam Submission Form

Queers Read This: I Hate Straights

This is the text of a pamphlet distributed at the 1990 New York Gay Pride march.

Think about how this relates to the ideas we’ve encountered in this week’s readings on Queer Publics. We’ll discuss in class (feel free to comment here as well).

J. Halberstam Interview

I wanted to post this on the blog rather than on Twitter so that everyone would be sure to see it. It’s an interesting interview with Jack/Judith Halberstam, an author we’ll be reading later in the semester. The article covers a lot of things we’ve started to talk about in class, so I thought you’d all appreciate it. If you like, you can add Halberstam’s new book The Queer Art of Failure┬áto the list of potential book review books (I haven’t read it yet but it sounds extremely relevant to our class).

(Btw, I am making a list of those of us who are on Twitter so we can find each other. Let me know @lportwoodstacer if you want to be added!)


Welcome to Queer Identity and Popular Culture. This is a brand new course that I’m really excited to teach – I hope you’re all excited to be here too! Most of the info you’ll need for the class is on this website.

There will be 4 required blog essays throughout the term – I’ll post the prompts here on this page and then you’ll each post your essay as a comment. You can feel free to post multiple comments and respond to each other here as well. Check out the Assignments page for more instructions.

There will also be 5 required journals throughout the term. I’ll post questions here on this page along with a form which will submit your journal to me privately (they won’t be published on this site).

Looking forward to working with you all this semester!