Week 1: Introduction/Defining “Queer”
Bornstein, excerpts from Gender Outlaw: “Transgender Style” (3-4); “The Hard Part” (7-14); “The First Question” (101-111); “The Other Questions” (113-140)
Smith, “How I Became a Queer Heterosexual”

Week 2: Understanding Queer Theory
Jagose,  excerpts from Queer Theory: An Introduction: “Introduction” (1-6); “Queer” (72-100); “Afterword” (127-132)
Gauntlett, “Queer Theory and Fluid Identities” (145-163)
Sedgwick, “Axiomatic” from Epistemology of the Closet (1-63) (suggested)
Butler, “Preface” and “Subjects of Sex/Gender/Desire” from Gender Trouble (-33) (suggested)

Week 3: Representation: Queer Visibility
Gross, excerpts from Up from Invisibility: “The Mediated Society” (1-20); suggested: “Hollywood’s Gay Nineties” (156-183); “Beyond Prime Time” (184-207); “Morning Papers, Afternoon Soaps” (208-220)
Joyrich, “Epistemology of the Console” (15-47)

Week 4: Representation: Queer Visibility
Gamson, excerpts from Freaks Talk Back: “Why I Love Trash” (2-27); “Truths Told in Lies” (66-105)
Sender, “Queens for a Day” (131-151)
Becker, “Guy Love: A Queer Straight Masculinity for a Post-Closet Era?” (121-140)

Week 5: Representation: Narratives of Queer Identity
Halberstam, “An Introduction to Female Masculinity: Masculinity without Men” from Female Masculinity (1-43)
Portwood-Stacer, “Queering the Trans Narrative on Television” (1-15)

Week 6: Representation/Consumption: Targeting Queer Audiences
Gross, “A Niche of Our Own” from Up From Invisibility (233-251)
Sender, “Selling America’s Most Affluent Minority” from Business Not Politics (139-173) (suggested)
Clark, “Commodity Lesbianism” (181-201)
Hennessey, “Queer Visibility in Commodity Culture” (31-76)

Week 7: Consumption: Queering the Straight Text
Doty, excerpts from Making Things Perfectly Queer: “What Makes Queerness Most” (xi-xix); “There’s Something Queer Here” (1-16); “I Love Laverne and Shirley” (39-62)
Lipton, “Queer Readings of Popular Culture”, in Queer Youth Cultures (163-179)
Miller, “Masculinity and Male Intimacy in Nineties Sitcoms: Seinfeld and the Ironic Dismissal” (147-159)

Week 8: Consumption/Community: Queer Fandom
Driver, Queer Youth Cultures (read any 3 essays except those by Lipton and Ritchie)

Week 9: Community: Queer Space
Chauncey, “Introduction” from Gay New York (1-29)
D’Emilio, “Capitalism and Gay Identity” (467-476)
Polchin, “Having Something to Wear: The Landscape of Identity on Christopher Street” (381-390)
Tongson, “Relocations: Queer Suburban Imaginaries” (1-27) (suggested)
Gray, “From Wal-Mart to Websites: Out in Public” (87-118) (suggested)

Week 10: Community: Queer Publics
Berlant and Freeman, “Queer Nationality” (193-229)
Sycamore, “Gay Shame” (268-295)
Berlant and Warner, “Sex in Public” (547-566) (suggested)
Warner, “What’s Wrong With Normal?” from The Trouble with Normal (41-80)
Rodriguez, excerpts from Queer Latinidad: “Divas, Atrevidas, y Entendidas: An Introduction to Identities (5-36); “’Welcome to the Global Stage’: Confessions of a Latina Cyber-Slut” (114-152)

Week 11: Community/Identity: Queer Subcultures
Manalansan, excerpts from Global Divas: “Introduction: Points of Departure” (1-20); “‘Out There’: The Topography of Race and Desire in the Global City” (62-88)
Pyle and Klein, “Fat. Hairy. Sexy: Contesting Standards of Beauty and Sexuality in the Gay Community” (78-87)
Rivera-Velazquez, “Brincando bordes, cuestionando el poder: Cuban Las Krudas’ Migration Experience and Their Rearticulation of Sacred Kinships and Hip Hop Feminism” (97-123)

Week 12: Identity: Performing Queerness
Williams, “Gay by Design, Or a Lifestyle Choice?” (1-3)
Bennett, “In Defense of Gaydar” (408-425)
Piontek, “Queer Alternatives to Men and Women” from Queering Gay and Lesbian Studies (67-80)
Garber, “Clothes Make the Man” from Vested Interests (1-17)

Week 13: Identity: Practicing Queerness
Piontek, “Redrawing the Map of the Gender-and-Sex Landscape” from Queering Gay and Lesbian Studies (81-94)
Rubin, “Thinking Sex” (143-178) (suggested)
Ritchie, “Principles of Engagement” (261-278)
Portwood-Stacer, “Constructing Anarchist Sexuality” (479-493)

Week 14: Identity: Making Trouble?
Seidman, “Identity and politics in a ‘postmodern’ gay culture” (105-42)
Jakobsen, “Queer Is? Queer Does?” (511-536)
Davis, “Situating ‘Fluidity’” (97-130)
Schlichter, “Queer at last?” (543-564)

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